Talent is Something Channeled From Another Place


All my life I’ve marveled at the amazing things people can do. Musicians, athletes, people with all kinds of wondrous, fantastic talents that beguile us and make us wonder what kind of greatness we might have in ourselves by comparison.

I’ve studied this quite a bit in my (almost) 48 years and I’ve arrived at a conclusion from personal and empirical sources.

Talent, the kind that leaves your jaw slack and your brain mushy trying to figure out what you are seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, touching, is something a person reaches into another realm to bring back to show us in ours. Truly inspired and inexplicably talented people are travelers and bridges to distant realms, I’m convinced.

We never understand completely where it all comes from. A masterful performance. An unparalleled story. Ask anyone who feels like being honest and they will tell you the same kind of story about “where it comes from.”

Practice, passion, obsession, yes, they all have something to do with it. But there is something else that isn’t quite possible about what they do. Something “other” that brings magic into it in a big way. A way that makes our jaws and brains not work exactly right. The way a dog tilts his head listening to a sound no one else can hear.

There are millions of examples. Here is just one. I call it proof of concept. There is plainly more afoot here than just a practiced plucking of strings and roaring, passionate musical expression…

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