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Guest Bloggers – Write For FTR While I’m In Vegas!

I am getting ready to head out to the Authority Summit next week and would love to keep things lively around here while I am otherwise occupied at the craps table…I mean at the Summit. Here’s a great opportunity for linkage, notoriety, fame, fortune, and glamor.

Well, I can guaranteed only linkage and notoriety. The others depend on how well you write!

Guest Blogger Submission Guidelines

  • You can submit something that has worked well for you in marketing your site.  You don’t have to be an expert and making the assumption that you won’t get picked, or a bunch of other people will do this so you shouldn’t bother trying is a big mistake.
  • Posts submitted must be about internet marketing, traffic driving, seo, link building, list building, blogging and blog marketing, working online (as a profession) or other topics that I have written about or have categories for.
  • How-to videos are also very welcome! Anything to do with WordPress, blogging, marketing tactics, etc. as long as they don’t go over 5 minutes and they are hosted by you or a third party. I won’t host the videos here.
  • Content MUST be original and found nowhere else on the web.
  • Accepted content will show up scheduled on a first-come-first-served basis as posts are accepted.

If you’d like to submit an original post as a guest blogger for the Friday Traffic Report you can do so through my contact form.

Submit your guest post by no later than Tuesday, September 4th!