Super Big Day In Joint Venture Land….


Super proud today.  I’ve been a part of some pretty major deals and generated more than my share of results and profits in the last 16 years, but never anything like what’s to come with this announcement.

Press Release: Cloud Income Properties Announces Joint Venture with Tale Chaser Publishing Inc. and The Abundance Group LLC


Phoenix, Arizona, August 18, 2014 – Headquartered out of Phoenix, AZ, Cloud Income Properties Inc. is excited to announce the signing of a Joint Venture Partnership Agreement with Tale Chaser  Publishing Inc., and The Abundance Group LLC.

At Cloud Income Properties (Cloud), we believe in the power of the Internet, and have witnessed the incredible growth of online commerce world-wide in the past decade. We’ve seen how the Internet is an incredibly powerful instrument, capable of creating profits in virtually any product or industry, and Gina Gaudio-Graves of The Abundance Group LLC along with Jack Humphrey of Tale Chaser Publishing Inc. are experienced masters in online commerce.

Humphrey is a renown Internet marketing consultant, author, and coach, bringing 16 years of experience in online marketing, web development, project management, and site development. Gaudio-Graves is a revered expert consultant in online marketing and virtual property development, as well as the founder of Directions University, a world-wide community that teaches students to be successful in their online ventures.

Humphrey and Gaudio-Graves together form a venerable, highly synergistic team, boasting an exemplary, proven track record of impressive results over an extended period of time. They possess the ideal skill sets and experience for their respective roles in managing, augmenting, and growing the cash-flow and value of a key portion of Cloud’s Virtual Online Business (VOB) property portfolio. Gaudio-Graves will be handling lead generation and monetization planning while Humphrey heads up traffic, SEO and content marketing campaigns.

Kim D. Southworth, CEO of Cloud said; “We recognize the importance of bringing value to our shareholders and our customers. We believe that the best way for us to do that is to secure only the kind of world-class talent that’s proven capable of helping us achieve our profit goals. We’re quite excited to have both Gaudio-Graves and Humphrey as Joint Venture partners.”

Cloud Income Properties Inc., a Nevada corporation, leads the market in providing individuals and institutions the opportunity to own cash-flowing web properties that are managed and grown by top Internet business professionals. It’s the new virtual real estate of the 21st Century.

To learn more about cash-flowing web properties or about Cloud contact:

David G. Koons
Cloud Income Properties Inc.
President, COO, Founder

Kim D. Southworth
Cloud Income Properties Inc.

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