Product Review: Speed Blogging Absolutely Rocks!


I was one of the very first people to create curation software that worked with WordPress.  It was called CurationSoft and it revolutionized blogging when it came out.  So I know what I’m talking about when it comes to curation and blog marketing.

Since then I’ve seen nothing nearly as powerful as CurationSoft.  Nothing ever came close, in my opinion.

Until now.  I just got a sneak peek at the next evolution in curation:  Speed Blogging

speed blogging review

Here’s just a little bit of what it does:

The Speed Blogging Chrome Extension puts an icon on every page, video, image on the web that, when you click it, begins a simple process of blogging that content right onto your site.  You add a description and any other content you want to the captured, curated content, and you’re done with your post, ready to promote it.

Now think about this:  If you see something going viral, your normal course of action to capitalize on the fervor that normally only lasts a short time, is to put together a blog post the manual way.  By the time you’re done, someone else has grabbed your thunder and your possible visitors.

The web moves so fast today that every minute counts with viral topics.  The faster you can publish, the sooner you can get shared as one of the earliest sources of news on a topic, giving you a better chance of going viral.

And that’s only one perk!  

Another is how often you publish.  The reason I created CurationSoft (I have since sold it) was to be able to blog more often.  I knew if I took the pain out of blogging in any way, people were more likely to blog more often.

Creating more content around more keywords, thereby keeping your readers engaged, is a high-volume, high-speed game in the blogging world we live in today!

Obviously, I’m excited about this new Chrome plugin.  I want you to check it out to see if you too might like a taste of the power it gives you, your assistants or your writers to create a lot more content, a lot faster, and generate more traffic and subscribers than you’re currently doing.

The bonuses are crazy good too.  Check out Speed Blogging for just a dollar for the next 7 days.

speed blogging review
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