Modern Marketing Myths #2: There is a Google Top 10

One of the things I find fascinating is the lingering idea that there is a single “Google Top 10 Search Results” page.  There hasn’t been a single, universal search result page for quite awhile now.

SEOs still use the term “Top 10” in order to communicate value to inexperienced potential clients.  “We’ll get you into the Top 10!” they say.

Except for the fact that there are several places and contexts in the Googleplex you can (and should) be found.

There is a different Top 10 result for everyone, based on the following:

  1. If you are doing a Google search at
  2. If you are doing a search on
  3. If you are doing a search on Google+
  4. If you are logged into Google when you search
  5. If you are logged out of Google (or do not have a Google account at all)
  6. Where you are searching (your geo-location on the Planet)
  7. Whether you are on mobile or desktop
  8. Whether you are well-connected to your peers in Google+ (you’ll see personalized results, pushing some or many default Top 10 results to page 2)
  9. Whether you are searching personalized or global results in Google search.

There are many factors that now go into what Google shows us when we search.  This effectively makes the phrase from SEOs “I’ll get you into the Top 10” utterly meaningless.

For example, I got into the Top 10 in around 9 minutes with this result, based on being logged into Google and posting to Google+ (personalized results):


Unethical SEO’s will use this trick to make potential clients think they are SEO Gods and can perform miracles, for a hefty price.

The key to scoring great rankings in any situation…

…is to be connected and build your Author Rank.  The people you are connected to will see your Google+ results in their personalized searches and your Authorship and Author Rank will propel you to the top of many or all of the possible search results discussed above if you nurture it and become an “engagement specialist” on social (mainly on Google+).

Old SEO:  Search Engine Optimization

New SEO:  Social Engagement Optimization

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