Modern Marketing Myths #1: Guest blogging is dead

I’m always fascinated by how susceptible people are to misinformation.  So I thought I’d help dispel the misinformation surrounding modern marketing with this series on Modern Marketing Myths.


For no particular reason other than this was the first thing I saw today:  Guest blogging is dead.

This will come as a huge surprise to all the columnists at thousands of popular magazine and community blogs around the world.  Actually it already has.  Long ago someone saw fit to equate guest blogging with SEO.  And a myth was born.

Yes, at one time, doing a bunch of crappy guest posts all over the web was rewarded with higher rankings.  This was way before Hummingbird and never was really THAT great of an SEO tactic.  As myths age, their legendary-ness gets embellished, bigtime.

What guest blogging was, is, and always will be good for is…

…attention.  That’s right, the biggest reason for guesting is to get in front of your ideal crowd (target audience) on any relevant, high-traffic site that accepts guest posts.

The misguided dream that search was going to send us quality, targeted traffic in incomprehensible numbers, was always a myth.  Search always sends the lukest of warm traffic, at the very best.  Real marketers know that the best traffic is the concentrated, hot-and-bothered audience, which is much smaller, and comes directly via links from things like guest posts where you knocked ’em dead with your mad content skills.  🙂

Guest blogging was never about link building for real marketers.  SEO’s never deserved to co-opt the term for themselves.  Guest blogging was only an SEO tactic for a minute.  And it was the most short-sighted view of the power of guesting.

+Stephan Hovnanian helps bust the myth in his article, linked below…

And here’s +Jerod Morris‘ correction  of the misunderstanding of what Matt Cutts declared recently on the subject…

More Modern Marketing Myths coming up! This is fun! Woo Hoo!

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