John Reese: The Million Dollar Man


The first time I met John Reese was at Yanik Silver’s Birthday Bash marketing conference in Orlando.  I was actually nervous.  After all, this was the guy who had been marketing on the net before anyone else in our industry.  This is the guy that first thought about autoresponder technology and how it could be used for marketing and followup tactics.

And at Yanik’s conference, John hadn’t even begun thinking about having any sort of wild success like a million dollar sales day!  He was larger than life to me well before most people even knew his name.

After talking with him and finding out he was one of the most down-to-earth guys I had met in this business, I calmed down and realized he breathed and blinked just like the rest of us humans.

Then came the big day.  The day that most in the industry just refer to as “The Million Dollar Day.”  John planned and unleashed a marketing event that had never happened on the web before.  Something so big it inspired and awed countless thousands of marketers from newbies all the way to the most respected and accomplished among us.

When John released Traffic Secrets, the news hit the web like a ton of bricks.  He had never been a public “guru” type till that day.  Only insiders really knew him the day before.  Then everyone with a list, and I mean EVERYONE with a list, sent a message out about this awesome new $1000 course by John Reese.

In 24 hours Traffic Secrets was sold to over 1000 people, and John brought in just over $1,000,000.00.  To us self-employed, one man shops, this was big.  Because at the time, John was ALSO a one man shop.  And to pull this off showed us the bar had been greatly raised.  It gave us energy and new goals for our own businesses.

Since Traffic Secrets came out, John has been invited to countless conferences and gained rock-star status.  He was mobbed at every event he went to.  I found it much harder to talk to him this time, having to wait in line like a groupie hoping to get back stage to party with the band.

When I finally did get to talk to him in Georgia for Armand Morin’s Big Seminar, he was so excited that I only wanted to check out his new Play Station Portable (just released that week) and that I didn’t need to talk shop or pick his brain about marketing.

I think John got a little burnt out on conferences after that.  In fact, I know he did.  He flat turned me down when I invited him just to attend our first conference for Content Desk.  He was tired of the groupie thing and needed a break.  I understood, but it still sucked.

Early in 2005 John released The Reese Report.  A $97 per month printed newsletter with videos and supporting files on CD.   It went over as expected.  It was and is a tremendous hit.  I have been a subscriber since the first issue and the marketing know-how and advice John passes on in the Reese Report is always top-notch, insightful, and very unique.

John Reese is another one of the “good guys” of internet marketing.  There really aren’t that many, in my opinion, which is why my “A” list is not that long.  John is someone every internet marketer needs to listen to very carefully.  I can assure you that he’ll never advocate you doing anything with your business that he hasn’t already done with his own.

For a free copy of The Reese Report PDF with videos, just click!

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