Google Frowning Upon Guest Blogging? Not So Fast!


I’m picking up a lot of chatter from different experts who are crossing the line with their headlines about Google not linking guest blogging lately.

It makes for a catchy headline, but it is utterly untrue.  What Google dislikes is the SEO firm-style of guest posting for the sole purpose of spamming links all over the web for their clients.

Guest blogging is and always will be a viable way to bend the web to our will and get great publicity on sites where our target readership hangs out.  There is no debating that.

What some in the blogosphere are calling “Guest Blogging” is nothing of the sort.  

Yet, people are now getting as worked up about whether to ever guest blog again or not as they were when the misinformation campaign over duplicate content started up years ago.

Duplicate content, as it turned out, referred to something royally different than what everyone assumed.  And everyone’s marketing suffered for it.  Same thing is happening today with people throwing out a great, legitimate opportunity for traffic and attention because some “experts” are scaring them with Google’s terms on large-scale link spam.

If you are guest blogging for the eyeballs, for the people that it brings you, you are NOT doing anything Google will frown on.  If you are doing guest blogging for ANY other reason, you might want to take a look at your stats and your rankings.  I can tell you, it’s probably not working out too well for you.

Download “Bending The Web” to learn the right way to use leverage such as guest blogging to get more traffic, social buzz, and, yes, better search rankings. 

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