Why Google Doesn’t Care About The “Number Of Users” Argument…


I’m sort of fed up with the argument that Google+ is only as valuable as the number of active users it has.  I made this known on a thread in G+ just now, and it gave me the idea to fire up the blog to make my soap box a little taller on this issue.  (See my response below.)

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Here’s a thought:  Instead of the “who’s is bigger” argument, let’s compare some meaningful numbers, such as Google’s balance sheet.  Let’s be fair, though, and compare it against all the other social networks put together.  And you can throw in Amazon and Ebay, if you’d like.  There’s a winning point.

Also, when did we first assume that G+ was a stand-alone social network?

Number G+ of users?  Are you freakin’ kidding me?  

  • How about everyone in the world with access to the internet using Google to search?
  • How about everyone in the world who has watched video on and served by YouTube?
  • How about all those people needing a Google account to comment on YouTube, the world’s other biggest search engine?
  • How about a $290 BILLION market share?
  • How about 44,000+ employees?

Yes, some people use Bing.  But there is no other search engine on the planet whose name is an actual verb.  As in “Google it.”  No one says “Bing it.”

Having had my fill of the infantile argument of which social network is best, based upon active users, I left this reply on a thread in G+…

I’ve always wondered why, out of the many other really valuable things G+ can do, people act as though the number of users is the core value of it or any social network.
The “number of users argument” is instinctual, knee-jerk and something no one using the argument has ever once thought needs justification as a valid argument.  But it does.  It needs A LOT of justification, in fact.
The number of users on G+ has nothing to do with the number of people in the world affected and touched by Google.  On that score, nothing on the web comes remotely close to Google’s numbers.
You don’t become the world’s biggest and most successful internet company by sucking – it doesn’t, has never, will never happen.
G+ isn’t a stand-alone social site.  It’s part of an actual company that can and does make money.  Lots of money.  Something no stand-alone social site has ever done.
Here are the two main reasons no one at Google gives a damn about people arguing over who has the most users:
1)  G+ is the social site of the world’s biggest and most successful internet company.
2)  G+ is the social site of the world’s biggest and most successful internet company.

And if that’s not impressive, this might be…

Google Social Revolution

Source: CPC Strategy Blog

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