Finding The Leverage In Your Business To Grow Faster


anti-hustleIf you are on some kind of long-term plan for success, you might be wasting time and resources getting where you want to go if you aren’t constantly on the lookout for leverage. Because there is always a leverage play to replace weeks, months, and even years of slow, hard work toward your income goals for your business.  Always.

You just need to know what to look for and adjust your plan to seek out and cultivate leverage opportunities.

Where Are Your Leverage Plays?

Leverage is everywhere.  All around us, no matter what industry or niche we are focused on.  There is always a play that can propel your business forward by great leaps and bounds if you develop the mindset of the Leveragist.  Here is a list of leverage plays you should always be working from:

  1. Joint Ventures:  Affiliate joint ventures and integration marketing. (These deep leverage joint ventures are detailed in my upcoming book “The Leverage Black Book.”  Get notified below the moment it is released.)
  2. Guesting: Getting yourself or a partner on podcast interviews and doing guest posts on high-traffic authority sites.
  3. Social media appearances:  Getting yourself or your product or service in front of thought leaders’ large social media audiences.
  4. Favors:  Lending your expertise to a thought leader to help their audience.  Ex – a free webinar to educate the heck out of their audience with no strings attached.  (Maybe a URL attached, of course!)

If you keep a running tally of opportunities to keep an eye out for and develop from just the short list above, you will give yourself the opportunity to land some leverage that can do the equivalent of weeks, months or even years worth of the daily work you’re doing now to build your business.

A Quick Piece Of Leverage – Take Action On This!

People who have large following on social media or who have a large subscriber list are always looking for ways to impress their followers and keep them engaged.  It’s a big job and can be stressful wondering if you are keeping their attention or losing them to someone else who has a shinier “thing.”

Look for ways you can help someone like this out.  They have two primary concerns:  

1) keeping their people engaged and attentive and

2) keeping themselves in that spotlight as the “hero” of the story.

The most common ways to handle this are offering to give free, 1000% content, no-pitch education to their people.  You can do this on their podcast, if they have one, or on a webinar.  This is NOT a sales play whatsoever, so there will be no pitching other than giving your URL at the end. It should be an affiliate URL for the thought leader if you have an affiliate program, which you should.

This play has one big goal:  to solidify a relationship with your chosen thought leader and set yourself up for reciprocation.

The key is to give something unusually valuable and unexpected.  Something you’d normally charge people for. “True value sharing” is a leverage stunt that sets up reciprocation 99% of the time if done properly.


  1. Their audience gets something they really, truly appreciate.
  2. Thought leader gets to be the hero for getting you do come in and train or educate and give something of high value.  Also can make a bit of money doing it if sales are made, but sales are NOT the goal here and pitching is a deal killer.
  3. You get initial exposure to their entire audience and you go into their social stream, their email list, and their archives to get exposure over time as well.

After this, the thought leader sees that you can bring the goods and trusts you to put in front of their audience again.  Possibly something where you can pitch, or you and them do something together and bring it to their audience.  The possibilities are endless but you must lead the charge.

Ease Into It

This can be done small at first.  Go to a peer who has about the same traction in the market as you and practice giving their audience extreme value. People must feel like they should have paid for the training or expertise that you shared.  That’s when you know you’ve done the job.  And it will not go unnoticed by your new leverage partner.

You will do things together in the future and it will equate to days, weeks, or months of your regular daily activities to grow your business in most cases.

The key to using leverage to grow your business is to wipe out as much time as possible standing between you right now and your biggest goals for your business.  Bringing the outcome closer to you is possible when you think like a Leveragist.

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