CurationSoft 3.0 Review In-Depth


There are many new features in CurationSoft 3.0, just released today.  In the following video review, I will go through most of the new features and show the difference between an old post I did with a previous version and a new post with the same sources.

Formatting posts with 1, two, or three-columns is now super easy.  As well as the ability to customize how your sources are formatted when you drag info into your post builder (so you don’t have to edit them each time in the post builder.)

Now with 18 sources PLUS RSS, means you can curate content from anything and anywhere on the web.  This update to CurationSoft is the most significant yet, as you will see in the video…

Download CurationSoft 3.0 and make content creation easy for you and effective for search results and visitor engagement.

Click image below to read about the power of Curation…how to curate content

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