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It’s nice that we don’t have to blog and create content every day anymore.

brmcontentlev-250x250What?  You haven’t heard the news?  You’re still in “Publish or Perish” mode?  Stop it!  The web needs not one iota of new content.  It needs engagement with all the trillions of pieces of content it missed when we were in the crank-out-the-content mode of the last decade!

No, its time to park your butt on the content you have until engagement with it is through the roof.  Only then should you begin thinking about your next post.

Most people write or record something and go for one round of promotion on social, email and other channels.  Great – you got the crowd who were around at the moment.  You missed the hundreds or thousands of good targeted readers that weren’t around and never heard about it.

Bad time to go making another blog post!

Tips For Leveraging Your Content

  1. Publish less frequently but spend more time on what you create to make it really, really awesome.
  2. Make several rounds on social to promote it – take different aspects of the content and make several passes on social before you move on.
  3. In between, curate your own stuff.  Hardly anyone has seen any of your content the first and only time you linked it on social!
  4. In between that, be relevant and curate things that make the most sense to what your publishing on your own site.
  5. Drop mentions all the time, with related shares, of your own stuff.
  6. Once you begin to get ultra sick of hearing yourself talk about your stuff, buckle down and do it again.  And again.
  7. Always find a new way to talk about a post.  Hit ALL the angles.  NEVER repeat post anything – always come up with a new interesting way to link your stuff.
  8. If you do it right, you’ll never get complaints.
  9. Do it wrong, and you’re going to lose readers.
  10. Write or produce content that has a ton of ways to talk about it over and over without repeating anything.

Be more epic and thoughtful with what you produce.

Then share it ongoing for awhile until all timezones and all possible readers have reasonably been given the chance to see it.

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