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Traffic Tip #457

Your web site as an online, digital book. Right from the index page through to the last page, make the whole site look and feel just like an ebook with chapters, index, and easy navigation from page to page. Get people to give your “ebook” away for free from their sites!

Deep Linking Strategy for Content Sites

Simple trick for better incoming links that actually send you traffic!

Linking – what a mess if you don’t know what’s going on. Either linking is “IN” or it’s “OUT” according to what you read these days.

Here’s the good news: Linking Works.

Here’s the bad news: HOW It Works Has Changed!

The good thing is you are going to pick up a linking tip today that will put you light years ahead of most webmasters who think a reciprocal link directory is all you need to gain link popularity in Google and traffic from other sites.

Link directories are still ok, but the key is moderation. Directories with thousands of links are a dark ages website promotion tactic.

Today there are many people focusing on content again, thank god. And that means you have a lot more real estate than just a home page and a link directory to work with.

People have written to me to completely disagree with me on what I am about to show you, but believe the expert, it works!

Say you have 500 pages of article and resource content on your site. If you are publishing articles on several categories you could have many more pages than that.

But even if you only have a 30 page site right now, it should be growing all the time and will be large eventually. (If not, forget about Google staying excited about your site if it never changes.)

Each of those articles and resource pages is a link to your site waiting to happen.

There are two ways to get links to your site here:

1) Ask for a link to your main page in exchange for a link on one of your relevant article pages to the site you are requesting an exchange with.

2) Deep Linking: Ask for a link right back to the specific page on your site you are going to link to them on. Again, find relevant pages of content to the sites you are going after. People respond well to this, especially if you say you are limiting your outgoing links to “further resources” to 5 per page. (The number is up to you.)

What does this do for your site?

1) It gets webmasters WAY more excited about linking with you because you are putting them ON your site, not in some cobweb-ridden part of your site that no one ever visits.

2) It lets other site owners know you have ACTUALLY taken the time to review their site enough to know where they would best fit on your site according to the topic of the page you want to link to them on. Again – this is a way different message to them than the “Let’s swap links” letter we all trash these days.

3) You start building link popularity and traffic direct to pages within your site other than your index. (If you choose to direct swap with them.)

4) It gives you leverage to ask for a better link from other sites than just being thrown in their link dump (link directory) where, again, far fewer people ever visit. You command the power to ask for a similar link of importance from the pages their visitors actually see. Win-Win

5) You increase the value of your links page because you are not loading it down with any and every person who will link with you. You can go back to old school linking to sites that you HONESTLY do recommend and that list can be far smaller and really fit on 1-2 pages. All the sudden you have traffic to your links page again and can truly reward webmasters who are on it with some traffic.

6) The links you get this way are going to be some of the first links you have probably ever gotten that actually send you significant traffic. The same goes for your link partners.

“But Jack, I don’t want to send traffic away from my site!” Yes you do, in fact. Because you are asking your link partners to do the same. Links like this are just as profitable in the long run as Google Adsense ads because you are finally engaging in a real traffic exchange and leveraging your eproperty for what
it’s really worth. Trust me – this works. Send some traffic out and see what happens to your referrer stats.

Never give more than you get. Many people won’t understand this form of linking for another year or so. They will try to shove your link in a dark hole on their site. Don’t let them do it!

If someone doesn’t understand the power of deep linking from their content pages, send them this article as a last ditch effort and tell them Jack said so. Otherwise, move on, take their link down, and find someone smart enough to see where linking is headed.

Overall, you are going to find it is much easier to get links this way, even from sites bigger than yours. Telling people “I want to link to you as a recommended resource on (name of article) page…” tells them that you are a pro and not some schmuck who has a linking program that spits out cookie cutter emails.

Too much work? Hire someone and pay them per link they secure in your name. Write the letter and have them fill in the blanks for specific sites. Teach them how to go through your site, learn the content, and go out and find RELEVANT recommended resources for each page.

You’d be surprised to find out how cheaply you can get good work done these days on and other “for hire” sites.

Sit back and watch your incoming QUALITY links soar from month to month!

The Secret of Turning Recipes Into Riches Shows New Authors How To Profitably Write, Publish and Promote a Specialty Cookbook Without Going Through The Hassle of Getting an Agent or Publisher 
(PRWEB) November 19, 2004 — The American Bookseller Association conservatively estimates that cookbooks represent over a 400+ million dollar a year industry. Based on these encouraging numbers, many first time authors, even some who have had absolutely no prior writing experience, are successfully publishing niche cookbooks and experiencing high sales volumes and profits due to the tremendous popularity of specialty cookbooks with many culinary oriented consumers.

The website notes that while many “newbie” cookbook authors struggle to enter this industry by connecting with a bona fide agent or publishing house, there is also a small, but blossoming group of savvy cookbook authors that are avoiding this hassle altogether and remarkably being rewarded with huge profits for bucking the system. These cookbook authors are taking a lesser known, but increasingly more lucrative route of writing, self-publishing and promoting their own specialty cookbooks from websites specifically designed for that purpose. By doing so, they are keeping all the profits from the sale rather than just relying on small advances against royalties from the publisher. This small group of authors have really tapped into a secret recipe for turning cookbooks into a cash cow business. Many of them consider this to be the ideal work at home business.

Some of these cookbooks are being published using print on demand and many are delivered in a totally digital “ebook” format which has further skyrocketed the profits that these maverick cookbook authors are enjoying due to the very low expenses associated with product and delivery costs. The Internet has turned cookbook publishing into a stealth home based business opportunity that is still ripe for aspiring cookbook writers.

One successful cookbook author, Willie Crawford, who has had sales exceeding $100,000 for his best-selling cookbook, Soul Food Recipes, has organized and joined forces with two other prominent cookbook authors to teach budding cookbook writers how to successfully write, publish and promote a cookbook on a dedicated website without the need for an agent or publisher who usually gets the lion’s share of the profits.

Willie Crawford, an inspirational figure, is a literal rags-to-riches story. He has launched many successful business enterprises on the Internet since breaking out of his impoverished roots where he was expected to become nothing more than a “dirt farmer.” Mr. Crawford enjoys motivating and empowering other people to become successful by taking charge of their financial lives just as he has done. He recently stated that “so many people have thought of writing their own cookbook and we cleared up the confusion.”

The two other respected cookbook authors that have contributed to this informative and groundbreaking teleseminar are Stephen Block and Jack Humphrey. Mr. Block has written, among other things, a book on traditional German recipes that has been very well received by the public and Mr. Humphrey has recently written a very unusual but popular book on dog recipes called The Healthy Pooch Cookbook .

Recordings and transcripts of this sold-out teleseminar are now available for download at which is a website operated by the eSuccess Publishing Group.

# # #

Power Linking Experiences Unprecedented 3rd Quarter Growth


Richmond, IN (PRWEB) October 20, 2003 – Jack Humphrey’s “Power Linking” series of digital marketing courses for webmasters and small online businesses experienced record sales growth this summer.

Despite a sluggish economy, or perhaps because of it, sales for onlne marketing courses like “Power Linking” and “Power Linking 2: Evolution” have been growing steadily this year.

Several thousand web site owners, from small mom and pop businesses selling antiques or ebooks to larger operations selling B2B services and products, have caught on to Jack Humphrey’s Power Linking system in a big way.

“I am delighted. I never thought I’d see a quarter like the last one. And this quarter promises even more sales than last” Humphrey said.

When asked what the biggest contributors to the recent increase were, Humphrey replied “From the feedback I get from customers, it seems ike a lot more people are looking for a second income or full-time income from the net. The best way to accomplish this is to have a great product that is in demand, and the traffic it takes to make sales.

“When it comes to bringing any website a lot of targeted traffic, people are finding that it pays huge dividends to invest in the education needed to dominate their market online.”

As more people find themselves out of work or in need of additional income, many are plugging into the internet as a great place to learn about and run a small business.

“Local post offices are becoming crammed with small business owners who sell exclusively online and ship hard goods to customers. In talking with some of them, the common thread in our conversations always involves website traffic. Everyone wants more exposure and they are willing to pay for insider information to gain it” Humphrey said.

Humphrey’s site has seen a 360% increase in traffic in the last three months, according to The site currently holds an overall rank of 14,686. Reported sales increase for third quarter 2003 was 153%.

Power Linking 2: Evolution, 2003, Digital course and software.

Power Linking is a product of Jack Humphrey Marketing and Tale Chaser Publishing.

Jack Humphrey
Tale Chaser Publishing, Inc.


Jack Humphrey’s Power Linking 2: Evolution Launches With a Bang!

Richmond, IN – Following up on the 2002 original ebook “Power
Linking Your Way to 1 Million Hits,” Jack Humphrey unleashed his
latest creation this week to rave reviews.

“Power Linking 2: Evolution” is the latest in Humphrey’s series
of website promotion courses that has webmasters around the
globe buzzing with excitement, even though it is only 5 days old.

Humphrey is a professional, full-time online marketing
consultant with several domains selling everything from hosting
to a cookbook for dogs. But his biggest success seems to be
sharing his website marketing techniques with webmasters in the
“mom and pop” business niche.

Since Power Linking deals with strictly free or low-cost
internet advertising methods, his appeal to low-budget
webmasters seems to know no boundaries.

“I have been using Jack’s Power Linking methods for just under a
year with my sites, and I have never been happier with my
traffic. I continue to grow my marketing business month after
month and I owe it all to learning the “guerilla” tactics Jack
lays out in his books.” said Peter Lenkefi, who runs

Indeed, it seems that Humphrey has a very loyal following among
information and affiliate marketers who want to generate more
profits from sites that were little more than ghost towns before
they picked up his first book.

The claims at his new site promoting Power Linking 2 are so bold,
that it is hard to imagine Humphrey is able to come through on
his promises. Yet, there are many verifiable testimonials from
“power linkers” from all kinds of markets that swear by Humphrey’
s tactics. (See

“We hover between #1 and #3 at Google for the keyword “safelist
submitter,” which is a dead-on keyword for our market. And we
got it by utilizing a lot of the tactics in Power Linking,” says
Trey Koehler of

“I am really surprised that I haven’t been copied that much in
the last year by other website promotion experts. Usually you
never get the chance to release a second version of your work
online with much success because people see a good thing and
want to pick it apart and copy it for their own profit. That’s
why you hardly ever see a part two of anything online. But I
guess the topic just isn’t sexy enough for others to write
about” Humphrey said.

“Sexy” or not, sales of Power Linking 2 are reported to be more
than double the first week’s release of last year.

Power Linking looks like a good bet for “garage” webmasters who
want to get a foothold in their market despite not having access
to big advertising dollars larger companies use to attract

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