Authority Plus Leverage Equals Influence


In 2014 I will be on a constant mission to expose just how powerful Authority, Leverage, and Influence can be in getting what you want from the web.

Alone, they are powerful.  Together (and in the right order) they make rare marketers virtually unstoppable at growing their brand, following, and their business.

So powerful that, after you learn them, you can take everything you know (and that all the experts know) about traditional web marketing, roll it all up in a little ball, and toss it in the trash bin.

That includes SEO, list building, content marketing… literally everything that 99.9% of people know (who have a website for which they wish to generate a lot of attention) is utter child’s play compared to the power of leveraged marketing.

I’ll be kicking off my 2014 Leverage-ucation Campaign with the Joint Venture Systems Workshop II.  You can check out a preview of this powerful workshop on Wednesday.  (Register for the preview webinar here.)


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