5 Ways To Grow Your Business Faster


Need to grow your business faster?

It's a thought running through the minds of most business owners on a daily basis. If your business isn't growing fast enough and you feel like you are stuck on a plateau, read on. I've got excellent tips on how to grow your business faster!

Grow Your Business Faster!

To understand why your business isn't growing fast enough, it's helpful to look at the traps most business owners fall into to find the one you're in right now. Once you know what's stopping your business from growing, you can easily fix the problem and finally move forward again.

(I promise, you are in at least one of the growth-killing traps listed here, and I'll show you how to get out of it.)

Trap #1: You old softy, you!

You're a badass. You've gotten your business this far, you're making money, and you are proud. As you should be.

Here's the problem: You know lots of stuff. A lot of which got you where you are today. Maybe it's not more learning or discovering that you need to do. Instead of looking externally for solutions for you business growth problem, you should look that what you've already learned and master it.

For example: When you started out, you had to be crafty in getting attention for your business. In some ways, near the beginning, you were in even better shape than you are today. Things happened, you became profitable, and then you got a little soft. No judgement!

Happens to all of us. It's like those pounds most people put on after they've gotten married. Once you're off the market, you lose a little bit of that Warrior that was constantly counting calories and working out to attract a mate.

Same thing in business. You've put on a few pounds. You're a little slower. You're enjoying your success a bit.

Tip: Get back in touch with that Warrior that built your business. Try to feel that burning desire you first had for your business and spend a it of time getting to know them again.

business leverage

Wake Up The Warrior You Were When You Started to Grow Your Business Faster!

Then take a look at the things you were doing then that you should maybe revisit and master now. You have so much more leverage now than you did then. Imagine going back in time and  handing your lean and hungry self all the resources and know-how you have now!

You'd have freaked OUT if that had happened. And you would have gotten where you are today a LOT faster.

Getting back to the basics that served you so well in the beginning to drive your business to where it is today is crucial. You might think that you're still putting in the kind of work in the places that got you where you are now. But if you really examine what you do today compared to what you did in the beginning, and how you did it, you'll be surprised how different the two scenarios really are.

We all float away from the things most responsible for our success, thinking we're doing more important things now. 

Or we've gotten enamored with some shiny objects along the way that seemed like they'd be more powerful business growth tactics or tools than they've obviously turned out to be.

The secret to removing yourself from this trap is easily unlocked by assessing the difference between what you're doing today compared to what you did to get here. And then adjusting. Trim the fat. Re-focus on the things that matter and be ruthless in eliminating the stuff that's wasting your time.

Grow your business faster by making what you're doing now prove itself with hard stats.

  • How is what you're doing now driving attention and traffic and leads?
  • How is the ROI on the work you do now?
  • How many customers or clients per month are you seeing now as opposed to your initial growth spurt?

It doesn't matter how much you like the things you're doing now. What matters is the bottom line. And leverage. And whether or not you are living a life while growing your business.

Grow your business faster by getting lean again. Bring back that fire. Use the leverage you didn't have when you started and watch how much faster you grow in the next phase of your business!

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